When Can Baby Use Walker?

There is nothing more beautiful and innocent in the world than the babies. While we love the time when they are small and cute, we also want them to talk early or walk early. In fact, we would happily spend all of our time just to teach them a few words or a few steps.

As a parent, one waits with bated breath to hear their baby whisper their first words or take the first step of their life. And so, we all start looking for ways to enhance this process. Baby walkers are not only cute and amazing but they also help them move across freely without the help of an adult. While there is a lot of debate whether walkers are a good choice for the babies or not, it has been observed that quite many people all across the globe pick walkers making them quite accepted and popular.

Picking up a walker for the first time raise so many questions in your mind but the most frequent one being: When can the baby use walker? Let’s us guide you to some of the best possible answers and reasons to your query.

When Can Baby Use Walker
When Can Baby Use Walker

Definitely not too early

According to experts usually, the average age for a baby to use a walker is between 4 to 16 months. Also, most of the walkers designed are generally for the mentioned age group of babies. Babies below four months are not that strong and are very sensitive, requiring you to be most careful during that time. Plus, they might not be able to carry the weight of the walker and walk. It is preferable that you carry them yourself during that time.

Buying a walker for a baby below that age is highly not advisable. On the other hand, if your child is anywhere between 5 months to one year, you can get a walker because by that time they will gain control over their movements a bit. So, while a walker for a small baby is not exactly a suitable choice, you can always get them one when you feel that they have grown enough for it and have crossed the age limit of minimum 4 months.

Ensure it doesn’t hamper the natural development process

Yes, we understand how eagerly you wait to watch your kid take those small, small baby steps but don’t hurry. Be patient; let them take their own time.

There is a natural process to everything in this world, and so it is with the babies. They will first learn to roll and then after some time, they will learn to sit and then eventually crawl.

As a parent or an adult, it is the kind of things you don’t teach them. At their own pace by taking their own time and as they feel the necessity, babies learn to roll, sit and crawl.

If your baby has arrived at that stage early then it is probably a very great sign, but it would be unfair for you to expect for them to learn walking early.

Usually, most of the kids walk by themselves by the age of 12-14 months, which is the time naturally kids take for walking. In case if your little one has surpassed that age and is still enjoying crawling, don’t get tensed.

Quite a number of kids learn walking late; that is normal. If you want you can get a walker for the baby to guide him/her in taking those baby steps easily. But it is suggestible that you wait for them to walk by themselves.

Wait till he is almost a Toddler

Your baby is almost a toddler and it is becoming tough for you to carry around yourself, yes, a walker will come quite handy then. A walker provides the little one with the freedom to walk on his own anywhere without the assistance of an adult all the time. Plus, a toddler can control a walker better than an infant. While you still do need to keep an equally watchful eye on the kid, you can physically relax.

To make sure that your toddler is ready for the walker to ensure that the baby can keep his head up and straight and carry the weight of this body along with taking a couple of few small steps. A lot of babies can cover the small distance by walking themselves; a walker will help in increasing that distance eventually. Putting a kid into a walker is easier said than done. Before the child starts using the walker it is important for them to figure out with what speed and how much energy they should push it. Ensure that your kid is comfortable using the walker and is

Before the child starts using the walker it is important for them to figure out with what speed and how much energy they should push it. Ensure that your kid is comfortable using the walker and is enable to push it through without exhausting himself/herself.

When Can Baby Use Walker my moms best
When Can Baby Use Walker – My Mom’s Best

Know the risks involved and handle them

Baby walkers are sure fun but then there are several risks involved with it. First of all, walkers have wheels and it might be risky if the baby is unable to gain proper control over it. Plus, the wheel allows them to move very fast around, sometimes it is difficult for them to hold onto or anticipate that speed. A lot of injuries happen around because of babies losing over it.

You can pick walkers with the automatic braking system and locking mechanism to ensure their safety. Using a walker on an uneven or rough surface is equally dangerous for the kids. Before you give a walker, ensure that you have it out of reach of unsafe places like stairs, fireplace or bathrooms.

Never leave a baby with a walker alone or divert your attention from it. Keep electrical appliances and cords in an inaccessible place from the walker. After you have taken care of all the safety measure and are sure that you can look after the baby in the walker all the time, you can buy a walker suiting your requirement.

Many experts have voiced their opinions against the use of baby walker owing to several risks involved. A walker doesn’t help a child walk fast, that’s a myth. Although a walker does simplify a lot of things for your baby and yourself, buy a walker only after you are completely sure of all of the above-mentioned things. Remember, baby walker should be used in a safe environment only.

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