The 5 Best Baby Walkers – Reviews 2019

The best baby walker reviews come in three things: features to consider and look for, the detailed comparison of the top products, and final recommendations, we’ve got you covered in all of these. In this 2017 edition on the review of top baby walkers, we’ll walk you through each product to lessen the probability of buying something that will not be fit for your child. Instead of having to go through the hassle of returning or replacing a product, this review will help you limit your options and finalize your purchase.

Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker, Juneberry Delight
Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker, Juneberry Delight

Why should you purchase a baby walker?

Before heading on to explaining the features of a baby walker, let us first establish why you should invest on buying one. A baby walker is both a toy and a development tool for your child during the critical stage of learning how to walk. For the months wherein your baby is learning the concept of balance and taking steps, it is crucial to stretch out their muscles and help them understand movement; a walker can be your tool for that. It can stimulate a baby’s muscle memory and in turn, develop a faster understanding of the movements needed. In addition to it being a tool for development, a baby walker also provides aid or a helping hand to parents. A parent is able to do chores and supervise the baby at the same time because the hands are free from carrying the baby.

Things to look at when buying a baby walker.

A baby walker can serve as a development tool for your baby in growing muscles and coordination skills. In saying this we, therefore, establish the fact that since it is a tool for development, it must be chosen to fit the needs and preference of both you and your baby. If it is your first time purchasing one and does not have any experience to compare it with, here are some features and items to look out for before buying your first baby walker:

Verify its safety features

Some of the safety features of baby walkers to look for include: anti-slipping pads, a speed reducer, and a wide base.

Anti-slipping pads

Anti-skid pads come as standard for all baby walkers, but it is still best if you personally feel the material and verify its capability. These pads are helpful for sloping surfaces and can protect your baby from high edges, the amount of friction produced should be in proportion to the weight or build of the walker. If there’s too much friction generated by the pads for the weight of the walker, the baby will have trouble walking.

Speed reducers

When a baby has adjusted to the walker and the balancing of weight, there’s no stopping them from running too fast with the walker. Speed reducers are designed to prevent any accidents that might be caused from this activity.

Wide base

A wide base allows for a baby walker to balance effectively and limit your baby from going into tight or narrow spaces. Doorways and stairways are a few examples of places you do not want them wandering to, and a wide base will hinder them from passing through such spaces.

 Choose a walker with adjustable heights

Not all baby walkers come with adjustable height positions to accommodate the growth of the child. Most of the items sold however, have three adjustable positions to extend the life span and usage of their product. The stage of crawling and walking of babies is a fast developing period and you might be surprised how fast they outgrow their clothes. Make sure you are buying a baby walker that can fit your growing child’s need.

Check the responsiveness of the wheels

The wheels play a vital role in training your baby to walk: when they are hard to maneuver, it may create confusion and discourage them to walk. Every home has a different floor finish and surface, but not all walkers are designed to be responsive to every surface. If you are planning on using the walker in a carpeted floor, or on oudoor pave, check first if it can serve that purpose. After verifying, see to it that the wheels are aligned and make sure they are not light enough to cause tipping, but also not too heavy to move around by your baby.

Choose a comfortable seat

Since your baby will be using the walker for a span of time in a day, you should make sure that they are comfortable with their walkers. A padded seat will allow your baby support when he is walking and even when he shifts his weight from his feet to the seat. Usually, manufacturers post the details of what is the height and weight of a baby that can be covered by their product, but it is still best when you read reviews posted by other parents or actually let your baby ride the walker when purchasing from stores. Review the material, and check if it is breathable, sturdy and most of all fits the body of your child.

Check the design or additional items

Baby walkers can also be used to entertain your child while encouraging walking. An entertainment console is usually added to walkers to add to the experience of the baby. Having design items or colorful toys within their reach will give you more time to do chores because chances are they will be occupied with tinkering. In cases however where you do not need the console, check if it can be detached from the body of the walker to allow flexibility. Depending on how you want to use the walker, just as training tool or to keep a child entertained, this feature is dependent on your preference.

Check the materials used

When buying from a store, lift the walker and have it pushed around to see if it is stable enough in terms of materials used. Some plastics deteriorate structurally when subjected to sunlight, so make sure you do not buy a brittle material. Choose a sturdy frame, equipped with a well-made seat to ensure the safety of your baby.

Choose a walker that is foldable

The feature of a walker to be folded or the adaptability of a walker is also an important factor to consider. Being able to fold a walker means you can put it away easily when not being used to save space, and also being able to bring it during travels. There are cases wherein we depend on our parents to watch over our baby while we are working, and since they are unable to exert too much strength with lifting the baby, bringing in a walker from help can help them during their watch. A portable walker hence is needed for the constant move from one home to another. In addition, baby walkers take a lot of space and can be an eyesore when left unattended, so try the folding feature of the walker before deciding on buying it.

Look for these features when looking for a walker to buy, you might not check everything on the list but make sure almost everything is covered. When all these factors are included in a baby walker, I’m sure you and your baby will have fun and freedom to play, and your peace of mind.

Now that you have an idea of how to spot the best baby walker, let us help you narrow down your choices. Here are 5 of the best baby walkers we found that you might want to consider:

Joovy Spoon Walker

The Joovy Spoon Walker has been a constant staple for parents with training their babies to walk. It has the look of a modern and minimalist baby walker, coupled with bright color options but keeping it classy with a white overall finish. It comes in five colors, but the color selection is only for the seat and not the whole walker’s body.

oovy Spoon Walker, Charcoal,One Size
oovy Spoon Walker, Charcoal,One Size

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What we love.

The simplicity of the design is not harsh on the eye, it basically focuses on training the baby to walk while providing comfort. The pop of color is given by the padded seat which can be machine-washed; as a mother, this feature is quite handy because cleaning is made easy.

Despite not having an entertainment console or toys to tinker with, the joovy spoon focuses on serving meals to the baby without having to transfer them to high chairs. The front has a removable tray that is dishwasher safe, adding to the overall ease of use of the product. Because of the modern contemporary design, it does not have too many nooks and crannies making it easier to clean.

The wheels of the joovy spoon are bigger than other baby walkers, but it is easily maneuvered by babies and provide more stability to the walker. It also has a wide base, hindering the baby from passing through doorways and areas that are not conducive for play.

Best of all, the walker is portable- it collapses and can be folded easily. This walker will not pose any challenge during travels as it can easily be placed in the car and assembled in no time.

What we do not love.

Babies who are tall and strong enough may climb up the walker since there is enough space to move around in the seat. This might not be a problem when the child is kept under supervision, but it still is best if the walker can naturally protect this from happening.

Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker

The Ready-Set-Walk Walker is designed to both train your baby in walking and keep them entertained when stationary. It comes in a range of five colors, and also varied patterns of the seat. This walker basically looks like a giant toy because of the added toys on the front tray, it plays a number of 12 songs that can stimulate your child’s senses. The design has two main legs or branches on either side, equipped with a wide base that can carry loads of up to 30 pounds.

Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker, Whale Bay
Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker, Whale Bay

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What we love.

The front tray has three multiple developmental toys that can easily reached by the baby, it has flashing lights and plays music that can keep a baby entertained and occupied. As a parent, I love how the console stimulates my child’s motor skills while keeping safety at bay.

The adjustable height setting also comes handy for the baby’s growth, allowing us to use the product in a longer timeframe. Since the design has a wide base, the stability of the walker is kept in check lessening the tendencies of tipping.

But the most loved feature of this baby walker would be the water resistant chair; surprisingly, it is able to withstand puke and water spill by not allowing seepage to occur making it less of a worry to constantly clean. The seat is padded well enough to provide comfort, but can still be put for machine wash.

What we do not love.

The Ready-set-Walk Walker has adjustable height settings that can be accessed through plastic locking tabs that are not easy to work with. When left untouched, these plastic locks tend to grip to each other and will require a lot of force to adjust. This baby walker cannot be folded, rather it is disassembled; the base, legs and the seat itself. This is too much of a hassle when traveling and storing as the same plastic locking tabs are used to assemble it. If you’re looking for a portable walker, then this might not be for you.

Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker

The Chicco Lil Piano lives up to its name by giving your baby a chance to be a musician; it comes with a toy that looks like a piano and plays music and sounds. When not needed, this console can be removed to have an empty tray surface that can be used for feeding the baby. The design of the walker focuses on blues and greens, making it easy on the eyes. The crossed legs is made from steel that is held by plastic locks.

Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker, Splash
Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker, Splash

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What we love.

We love how this product is foldable without having to disassemble, it makes it easy to store in the cabinet when not being used or placed in the trunk of the car during travel. It is lightweight, but is able to provide stability for the baby. The piano entertainment console also promotes development in terms of music and rhythm, but we appreciate the detail of having it ready to remove for feeding. We also love the wide bumper base the Chicco lil piano has, it protects the baby from bumping too close to things that feels like an added protection on our part as parents.

The Chicco Lil Piano is also able to roll on any floor surface or finish; some baby walkers are difficult for babies to control and maneuver because the wheels can only be used on certain finishes.

What we do not love.

The walker is of usual size with other walkers, but we noticed that the baby seat is designed to be too small especially on the leg openings. This may provide a hindrance for babies who have chubby legs or bellies making them uncomfortable with the seat. In addition, the design of the seat pushes the baby forward, putting pressure on the stomach so it is not a good idea to leave them playing in it for too long.

Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer

Seeing a baby in his own personal car ride will complete your day; and the Combi All-in-one Mobile Entertainer knows exactly how to do that. This baby walker is designed to look like your baby is driving their own car. It comes in 5 different colors, but all have similar car features. It has a built-in steering wheel that can be provided with batteries to play music and sounds. This walker has enough features to keep your baby occupied and entertained with walking and learning.

Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer, Pink
Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer, Pink

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What we love.

We love how cute the product already is, but add a baby and its two times the cuteness. Despite the design of the walker, it offers stability and is structurally sound for bouncing and walking around. It may look hard to assemble, but surprisingly there were no tools needed to build it. We also love the added feature wherein you can lock it and that allows the baby to jump and bounce.

The best feature of this baby walker is the material used, it is polyester plastic but holds up even after years of using it. Two of my kids have already used this as their training walker and up to now I can say the product still looks to be in good shape.

What we do not love.

Looking at the design of it, you can already tell that it will pose a challenge in transporting or storing this baby walker. To do this you have to disassemble the whole walker and rebuild it again, making it too much of a task. Consider buying a different walker to fit the need of portability.

Combi Ferrari F1 Baby Walker

The Combi Ferrari F1 is design for car enthusiasts that want to share this love and passion to their babies. Instead of a regular tray or an entertainment console, this walker has a Ferrari design that makes it look like your baby is a formula 1 racer. Like most Ferraris it comes in a shiny red color, accented with black lines.

The Combi Ferrari is equipped with a removable activity center that features lights, sounds, and a steering wheel. Removing the activity console will reveal a full-size snack tray.

Combi Ferrari F1 Baby Walker, Red
Combi Ferrari F1 Baby Walker, Red

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What we love.

The added detail of the design of the seat is what makes this baby walker feel so luxurious, it has the design of the Ferrari logo and is made with padded and comfortable materials. Despite having the shape of a car, this walker does not compromise with the stability and balance of the baby when walking. Because of its bright colors, babies are engaged well enough to try and balance and move themselves around the house.

It is able to roll and work perfectly on all surfaces of the house; carpet, hardwood or outdoor pavements, making it a flexible baby walker. By the looks of it, it may seem as if it does not easily fold, but it is able to do so because of the frame at the sides. We love how there’s no assembly needed.

What we do not love.

Because of the design, this baby walker may seem a little too bulky and less portable. It can be folded, but since it takes the shape of a racing car, it can pose a challenge when trying to fit into tight storage areas. We also do not like how the Combi Ferrari does not have locks in its wheels, therefore it cannot be made stationary.

In conclusion,

After carefully determining the feature of each baby walker mentioned above, we have to say the clear winner would be the Joovy Spoon Walker. It has all the features you are looking for in terms of safety, portability, design, and comfortability. In comparison with other products that focus mainly on design features and entertainment consoles, the Joovy spoon walker allows the baby to fully focus on walking.

The simplicity in the design of this walker allows for easier cleaning, which is usually the struggle faced by parents when dealing with overly designed toys. The removable tray feature also adds up to how this walker is able to help parents in cleaning up. On top of all these features, we love how it easily folds to cater to parents that travel often.

The purpose of buying a walker is to stimulate your baby’s motor skills and develop his muscles for balance; it is an activity and a stage we as parents should watch and engage with, and the Joovy Spoon Walker is guaranteed to help you with that.

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