The 5 Best Infant Pacifier – Reviews 2019

It may come as somewhat of a shock for you to find out that pacifiers have more of an interesting history than you could ever imagine. In fact, these days it would seem almost crazy if you didn’t look into a pacifier for your baby, but that was a different story not too long ago.

In order to understand why your baby could use a pacifier, you need to know a bit of the history, among other things. You’ll also need to know what types of materials are in them, the different types and… well, welcome to the only guide you’ll need for finding the best infant pacifier.

The History of “Pleasure Sucking”

All the way back in 1879 a German pediatrician by the name of S. Lindner concluded that infantile sucking was the reason for chronic masturbation. The study was concluded from a sample of 69 “pleasure suckers,” wherein only four were… afflicted. Somehow, that took hold.

The result was nothing short of hysteria. It wasn’t long before psychologists even drew a correlation between sucking and drug addiction! Fortunately more contemporary research has discovered more benefits than detriments, but it’s been one crazy ride.

Why is Sucking Healthy?

I’ll bet you weren’t aware of the fact that sucking on a pacifier actually acts as pain relievers for a baby, which can definitely help when it comes time for shots! There have been so many benefits noted that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends their use during nighttime and naps.

As if that weren’t reason enough they reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), a rare and unfortunate occurrence. The one thing that is advised is to leave the pacifier out if it falls out when they sleep, so they don’t wake up wanting it constantly.

What to Look For in the Best Infant Pacifier
What to Look For in the Best Infant Pacifier

What to Look For in the Best Infant Pacifiers

Make sure you’re getting the correct size!

Pacifiers are sold depending on their sizes, each designated for a certain period in a developing child’s life. Don’t worry, the packaging will tell you which size they’re best suited for, just make sure you select infant!

Pay attention to what material they’re made from in case of any allergies.

There are a few different types of pacifiers on the market all made of different materials; from latex to natural rubber or silicone, your baby has a bit of choice here so it’s advised against purchasing a bunch of the same pacifiers before they’re born.

If there’s ever anything you do want to avoid is a liquid-filled pacifier. If your baby ever does manage to chew through it. They could end up swallowing that liquid, which probably isn’t as clean as you’re hoping it is.

Do you want an orthodontic pacifier or a conventional pacifier?

An orthodontic pacifier is much softer than the conventional pacifier, with research even concluding they help prevent an open bite and an overbite. Conventional pacifiers are easy to replace when they’re eventually lost or damaged beyond repair.

Top 5 Best Infant Pacifier Reviews

1. MAM Glow in the Dark Pacifier


MAM Glow in the Dark Night Orthodontic Pacifier, Boy, 6+ Months, 2-Count
MAM Glow in the Dark Night Orthodontic Pacifier, Boy, 6+ Months, 2-Count

This glow in the dark pacifier is designed for babies six months or older and is most recommended by orthodontists. The curved shield has air holes to allow for better breathing when your baby needs and the materials are all BPA free.

Since the material glows in the dark, the pacifiers can help problem-solving skills when they inevitably wake up in the middle of the night. The satisfaction of finding it themselves when it pops out is extremely beneficial, to both the baby and you!


  • While silicone based, the nipple is very soft
  • Microwave safe for cleaning


  • No standard grip connection

2. WubbaNub Green Frog Pacifier

WubbaNub Green Frog Pacifier
WubbaNub Green Frog Pacifier

It doesn’t matter if you were given a son or a daughter, every kid can get behind the cool factor of frogs. The non-latex pacifier is attached to a plush frog that’s soft and very baby friendly, so much so that these are distributed to NICU and hospitals across the nation!

Given that the pacifier comes with a new animal friend, these are items a child can carry with them for a while. These are either machine or hand washable so you’ve got some choice in which way you want to go about cleaning, because they’re almost guaranteed to get a little dirty!


  • Comes in different variants
  • The plush animals make it easy for babies to grasp them


  • Buying multiple at once can be a little pricey

3. Phillips Avent Freeflow Pacifier

Philips AVENT Freeflow Pacifier BPA, Free Pink / Orange, 6-18 Months (Pack of 2)
Philips AVENT Freeflow Pacifier BPA, Free Pink / Orange, 6-18 Months (Pack of 2)

There’s nothing wrong with a little contemporary pacifier either, as the Phillips Avent freeflow boasts some of the most satisfied customer reviews. The nipples are soft and collapsible with six separate holes in the shield to allow better airflow.

Made of silicone, these pacifiers are taste and odor-free. They’re dishwasher safe so you can ensure they remain clean quite easily, even after a toss about in the dirt. They are orthodontic, so you’ll find they’re better for your baby than not.


  • No water gets trapped in the nipple when properly cleaned
  • Curved design for facial comfort
  • They come with a clean cap


  • Only come in a two-pack

4. Chill Baby Mustache Pacifier

CHILL BABY Mustache Pacifier
CHILL BABY Mustache Pacifier

Have you ever wanted your child to look like the coolest kid alive? The Mustache Pacifier is he best way to start them young! Made from baby-grade silicone and all non-toxic plastic, and comes with a nifty little storage shell for when it’s not in use. Plus they’re great for parties.

These are designed for infants 0-6 months, so remember to keep up with the size when the time comes. This is for when you’re looking for something cute, but there are better options for prolonged use.


  • Shaped like a little mustache
  • Great conversation starter


  • Shaped like a little mustache
  • Inside of pacifier can get stained over time
  • Only comes in a package of one

5. Phillips Avent Soothie Pacifier

Philips Avent BPA Free Soothie Pacifier, Pink/Purple, 0-3m 2 ea
Philips Avent BPA Free Soothie Pacifier, Pink/Purple, 0-3m 2 ea

These thin, flexible little things are quite possibly the best infant pacifiers aged 0-3 months on the market. Used in hospitals across the nation to help calm newborns, these pacifiers feature a nipple-like shape to help prevent nipple confusion and support normal growth.

To clean, just drop them down in some boiling water and when it’s time to upgrade they offer different variants. They’re soft, so you and your baby can bend them a bit without worrying about breaking any pieces. Basically, they’re simple and durable, a new parent’s dream.


  • Inexpensive
  • One-piece design


  • Hair sticks more easily to the material
  • Babies can get their fingers stuck in the open back

There are a lot of them on the market claiming to be better than the last, but when it comes to naming the best infant pacifier there’s a lot of information to take in. First, you need to remember that they’re not only safe but beneficial to the growth of your child.

Then you’ve got to figure out the right size and the right material, but all in all, you’re looking for something durable and worth the cost, something that won’t harm your baby. Well, now you know what to look out for with a few great examples at your disposal. Did this guide help you?

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