Height Adjustable Baby Walker

Here’s how to teach your baby to walk, with no tears

Hands, knees, and bumps-a-daisy might be the kind of routine your baby has adopted to get moving all by himself. And let’s face it: What’s cuter than a toddler who’s starting to crawl? Nothing. Particularly if he’s yours. And while you need double vision and twenty-five hands to make sure junior doesn’t hurt himself while wiggling through your flowerbeds or hurtling through the lounge, it’s a beautiful time to watch him discover the world for the very first time. And for this, he deserves a height adjustable baby walker – not just any walker – he’s growing into a big strong boy and as he becomes taller more confident in taking those first precious steps alone, this baby walker can grow’ with him.

Pros and cons of a baby walker

You might consider the baby walker a life saver. For you. It certainly will take the stress off running after your baby to make sure he’s safe and unhurt by the world. Or will it? Not so fast, mummy. The baby walker has been condemned as bad for your baby by some medical experts, and in certain countries such as Canada, it is actually banned. So the height adjustable baby walker needs to be understood as a toy that your baby shouldn’t be using all day long. It should be a treat in which he can suddenly launch himself from one side of the room to another, but not a place to put baby while you’re on the phone, or at work and not watching him.

The jury is still out on whether a baby walker is the best thing for your baby. And experts have been debating the pros and cons of this issue ever since baby walkers first came onto the market a couple of generations ago. Some say that the crawling, scooting and hitching motions that baby must make in order to get himself off the floor are necessary to develop strong hips and thighs. They believe if you put your child into a walker when he is too young for it, he might develop weak muscles or become lazy.

But other experts disagree completely and happy mummies of healthy babies are adamant in supporting baby walkers. Firstly, modern technology is seeing so many ergonomic development and design shifts in everything from vacuum cleaners to mattresses: baby facilities are no different. Secondly, a toy to keep your baby focused on something other than his struggle to get on his own two feet is an excellent idea. And thirdly, if you’re careful about age-specificity, you can’t go wrong. Experts say that from the age of six months, your baby’s ready to try out a walker, and if you buy a height adjustable one, it will grow with him and evolve into a pushing toy, when he’s ready.

Height Adjustable Baby Walker
Height Adjustable Baby Walker

What to look out for in getting the best baby walker possible

  • Does your baby fit the walker? Most baby walkers have a central area where the baby sits, allowing their legs to poke through. If this is too big or too small, your baby won’t be comfortable.
  • Are there brakes on the wheels of the walker? The thing that can make your baby squeal with delight when he learns what a walker is all about, is his ability to wheel himself around. But you don’t want him to run away with himself.
  • Are the height adjustments easy to secure? A height adjustable baby walker can be the best toy ever and it can be a little finger-squeezing terror. Check that your baby cannot reach the hinges or manipulate the height of the walker while he’s inside it.
  • Does the baby walker have toys? There’s nothing quite like keeping baby’s brain focused on colours and lights, music and whirligigs while he’s in his walker. He also needs to understand that his time in the walker is not about being dumped when you’re busy with something else, it’s about hearing the music, touching the mobiles, engaging with the toys on the walker.

The top-selling five height adjustable baby walkers:

My Child Walk-n-Rock: Available in pink, blue and neutral, this delightful walker doubles as a rocker too. It has a musical and electronic activity tray that is removable and you can put your baby’s favorite toys there, instead. Complete with a footrest and a very soft padded seat, this walker has a backrest and you can adjust the height easily. It is robust enough for a baby weighing up to 24lb.

My Child Walk-n-Rock my moms best
My Child Walk-n-Rock

Kiku Baby Trend Walker: Easy to assemble, clean, fold and use, this baby walker with its giraffes standing at attention features multi-directional wheels and an extra-wide base for excellent stability. With three possible height adjustments, the Trend Walker has a wide tray for toys and treats and can hold a child under 30lbs.

Kiku Baby Trend Walker my moms best
Kiku Baby Trend Walker

Joovy Spoon Walker: Is it a walker? Is it a highchair? Actually, this spoon walker is both. It has a big removable tray and a super-wide base for balance, that will ensure that little fingers can’t be pinched if the walker hits the wall. With a high seat back and fully adjustable height, it features strong seat padding which is machine washable and can hold a child weighing up to 30lbs.

Joovy Spoon Walker my moms best
Joovy Spoon Walker

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Two in One Walker by Eric Carle: Know the famous toddler’s book? Now your baby can act it out. This colorful walker is designed to see your baby grow into a confident toddler. Beautifully designed with plenty hungry caterpillar nuances, it’s both a walk-behind toy and a walker, and has a music facility which is removable.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Two in One Walker by Eric Carle
The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Two in One Walker by Eric Carle

Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walkabout: With three possible height positions, this nifty low-budget jungle-themed walker is brightly colored and designed to fold easily for storage. It has removable electronic toys and a padded high-backed seat.

Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walkabout my moms best
Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walkabout

There you have it. There is controversy about the baby walker, but if you respect it as a toy and not an all-time convenience, you can’t go wrong and your baby will adore it.

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