Who Wins Grand Spectra s2 vs Medela Battle?

Grand Spectra s2 vs Medela Battle
Grand Spectra s2 vs Medela Battle

Yeah! So, daily we wake up to a world of new opportunities. What we slept in yesterday might just turn out to be what’s used for something more fanciful tomorrow. And for mums, we could say motherhood is a beautiful thing.

Right from the day, a woman gets pregnant she begins the journey of motherhood. She fantasises how life with her unborn bundle of joy would look like – nurturing the baby and more. But one fact is, yesterday’s meal ain’t good for today’s baby! Hence, for the on the go mum who loves motherhood but has to keep up with an ever busy world, having the right tool can make her world rock!

Nothing rocks a mother’s world than knowing that baby’s breakfast and all meals are served fresh always. Did you say no to formula babies and yes to breastfed babies?

With Medela’s Pump in style Advanced pack and the Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast Pumps, baby’s got fresh milk always and mummy’s got her gig going always! Anytime! Anywhere!

Now, the focus of this piece is a comparison of both the Grand Spectra and Medela breast pump packs. This would be done against their features, reviews and more. So, who’s gonna be the winner? Watch out!

Definitions: Spectra s2 vs Medela

The intrinsic value in breastfeeding, especially within the first 2 years of a baby’s life cannot be over-emphasized. Health experts have tirelessly stressed the importance of placing the infant on exclusively breast milk for the first 6 months of the baby’s life. This is to protect the infant from the consumption of too much-processed foods and likely contaminated foods and water.

More so, the mother’s breast milk contains nature’s own very high content of lactose, carbohydrate and later fats as is required for baby’s growth and development. Breast milk contains the protein and calcium intake required by the infant for developing and repairing body tissues. The calcium helps build strong and healthy teeth and bones.

Spectra Baby USA S2
Spectra Baby USA S2

The Spectra s2

The S2 Spectra Baby breast pump is a digitalized pump that can be used either singly or on both breasts to suck milk for baby’s use. It helps for mum’s convenience while pumping milk for baby’s use daily.

The Medela

Pump in Style Advanced Breast pump by Medela is an electric breast pump with pumps or suction tubes for either a single or both breasts (double). It is special to help mums pump out milk on several occasions in a day.

Compare features: Spectra s2 vs Medela

Features of The Spectra s2

For the Spectra you get:

  • 2 bottles
  • 2 suction tubes
  • 2 black flow valves
  • 2 breast shields
  • AC adapter
  • The pump
  • 2 stand
  • 2 Duckbill valves
  • 2 caps for the bottles
  • Requires lithium metal batteries

Features of The Medela

Medela Pump in Style

  • Double electric pump
  • Backpack
  • 3 Microfiber bags to choose from (The Metro Backpack, One-the-go-tote, Battery Pack)
  • 4 breastmilk bottle with lids.
  • Single knob speed/ vacuum adjustment.
  • 1 removable cooler bag and ice pack.
  • 1 flexible plastic work surface.
  • 9 volts AC Adaptor

Comparing the two machines: Spectra s2 vs Medela

The Spectra and Medela breast pumps are both great products, suitable for suction of breast milk. However, there are certain things that make each unique from the other.

First, the S2 is designed as an improvement on the Medela, so we sure need to look out for any signs of improvement that can cause the S2 to stand out, above the Medela.

The Medela is a lovely product due to its mobility with the backpack. It also has the removable pump in separate bag making it easier to choose what you need for every outing if you do not require so much per time.

However, while the Medela has an item weight of a whopping 8.5 pounds, Spectra weighs 3.3 pounds which are 5.2 pounds lighter than the Medela. On that basis, the S2 is quite more portable.

In terms of physical size or dimensions, the S2 seems to be smaller as well, this could be good news for mum’s one or two bags for baby’s clothing and her personal items.

The S2 makes lesser noise when operated as compared to the Medela.

Medela Spectra s2
A bit noisier Produces less noise when pumping milk
You can separate pumps and others but weightier by a total weight of 8.5 pounds Lighter to carry with 3.3 pounds weight
Quite a good technology but fewer advances than the S2 in stimulating and releasing breast milk. A better pumping experience, more improved. It massages mum’s nipples to stimulate the nerves for the process of releasing milk.

Compare Reviews: Spectra s2 vs Medela

1. The Spectra s2
Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast Pump, 3.3 Pound
Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast Pump, 3.3 Pound


  • An improvement on the Medela means it might offer more value.
  • Some of the parts from the Medela, like the tubes, are compatible with the S2.
  • Its light weight makes carriage easier.
  • The provision of a night light and timer is an added advantage providing convenience for mums.
  • Works with 100 – 240volts, therefore it can work even outside the US.
  • It’s super quiet nature makes it more appealing.
  • Helps prepare mum’s breast before the experience.


  • The Milk is not channeled through the tube like the Medela tubes.
  • The flange sizes are slightly on the large side making that of Medela better fitted.

Verdict: The Spectra s2 provides a more engaging user experience with its process of stimulating mum’s breast for the experience makes it exciting. Same goes to the availability of light and timer.

2. Medela
Pump In Style Advanced - The Metro Bag
Pump In Style Advanced – The Metro Bag


  • A well thought of a product that allows mum pump the needed volume of breast milk daily.
  • With the separate bags, mum’s have the choice of what to carry per time and which of the different bag category is more suitable.
  • It’s easy to use single or double breast pumps are an advantage.


  • It might be a bit too bulky for carriage of the entire supplies especially since mums carry other bags
  • You cannot use more than 120v especially when outside of the US. You might need batteries due to the difference in voltage.
  • Battery usage increases the overall cost of operation.
  • Slightly noisier than the Spectra.

Verdict: The option of the kind of bag to use makes for a better carrying experience. It has better flanges that are best suitable for mums use.

Final Verdict

Having carefully studied the Spectra vs Medela breast pumps as well as reviews by so many users, I can only come to one conclusion that the Spectra is the winner of the product comparison and reviews.

The reason is, the Spectra is a clear improvement on the Medela. The process of first massaging the nipples to get them ready to release milk, a stoppage that allows milk to build up before pumping is quite too.

Besides, since the Spectra allows between 100 – 240 volts power it means it can have wider acceptance outside the US besides having the US market.

Lastly, apart from being lighter and less noisy, its extra features of a light and timer clearly shows it’s got mum’s back.

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