The 9 Best BreastMilk Storage Bags – Reviews 2019

If you’re breastfeeding and going back to paintings or searching out greater flexibility, you are likely thinking about the use of a breast pump. Once you start pumping, it is crucial to recognize a way to save your expressed milk adequately.

Before expressing or dealing with breast milk, wash your fingers with cleaning soap and water. Then shop the expressed milk in a natural, capped glass or tough plastic, BPA-unfastened field. You could additionally use unique plastic luggage designed for milk series and garage.

 The Best BreastMilk Storage Bags My Moms Best

The Best BreastMilk Storage Bags My Moms Best

However, breast milk storage luggage would possibly tear, leak and emerge as contaminated more without difficulty than hard-sided bins. For added safety, place the luggage in a tough plastic meals storage box with a tightly sealed lid.

Using water-resistant labels and ink, label every field with the date you expressed the breast milk. In case you’re storing expressed milk at your infant’s toddler care facility, upload your child’s call to the label. Place the packing containers in the back of the fridge or freezer, in which the temperature is good. If you do not have to get right of entry to a refrigerator or freezer, shop the milk temporarily in an insulated cooler.

Fill person boxes with the milk your toddler will want for one feeding. You might start with 2 to 4 oz. (fifty-nine to 118 milliliters), after which alter as needed. Also, don’t forget to store smaller quantities — 1 to 2 oz. (30 to 59 milliliters) for unexpected conditions or delays in regular feedings. Breast milk expands as it freezes, so do not fill boxes to the brim.

best breast milk storage bags my moms best review
best breast milk storage bags

Below I’m listing the best breastMilk storage bags including buying the guide in details.

9. Milkies Milk-Saver Breast Milk Collector Storage BPA Free

Ask any mother and she’ll inform you: breast milk is a valuable commodity. Ladies will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that not a drop of “liquid gold” gets wasted. It is precisely what makes the award-winning milkies milk saver one of these great inventions for breastfeeding moms.

The patented milk-saver collects your own leaking breast milk when you nurse, allowing you to keep additional breast milk results easily with each feeding. Easy to apply, virtually slip milk saver into your bra-cup on the non-nursing aspect earlier than you breastfeed. The milk-saver collects the milk that has leaked while your breast milk lets down. It comes with a protective lid to help save you unintentional spills too!

Milkies Milk-Saver Breast Milk Collector Storage BPA Free
Milkies Milk-Saver Breast Milk Collector Storage BPA Free

You can store this milk and keep it for any time it is needed. And with its elegant, durable case, your milk-saver will the stay a secure and clean while now not in use. Such as you, we care very tons about the safety of the goods we use at the same time as breastfeeding.

The milk-saver has been fastidiously tested to make certain 0 chemical leaching and carries no BPA or phthalates. The simplest product of its kind, the milk-saver has obtained accolades from lactation professionals, pediatricians, and breastfeeding moms internationally. It makes the suitable infant shower/new mom gift – or as a deal with for yourself!


8. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

The usage of bottles for the storage often requires pretty loads of storage space inside the freezer. Those storage pieces of baggage are compact and absorb little or no space. Each one has been pre-sterilized for the protection of a milk quality & has a clean-to-convey design for relaxed portability.

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 50 Count, BPA Free and BPS Free
Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 50 Count, BPA Free, and BPS Free

It perfectly enables easy movement of milk easily from bag to bottle. The luggage is puncture-resistant absolutely and genuinely water resistant. So, you could keep the milk without problems for a long time. The high-quality tissue fashion dispenser clearly provides pretty easy garage and get right of entry to. Keep, freeze and guard your precious breastmilk. Leak proof & BPA-free, bags come pre-sterilized and feature a patented double-click on n’ at ease seal to save you leakage.

Based on a breastfeeding mother, Lansing surely is aware the demanding situations going through nursing mothers today. It’s why we create quality-in-magnificence products and provide an expansion of assist solutions that help you and toddler along the way. Real product packaging & materials may also incorporate more and exclusive information that which is proven on our website. I advise which you don’t rely on information provided and that you constantly read warnings, labels & directions before begin using/consuming a product.


7. 1st Years Breast-flow Milk Storage-Organizer

Breast milk is liquid gold so it deserves unique storage! The breast float milk garage organizer has got spring-loaded drawer which freezes the milk flat & pushes it up front for smooth access. Clearly load the rack from the again for “1st-in, 1st out” storage. Snap the quilt on to keep the breast milk which isolated from the other items within freezer/ you can easily use it so as to keep baggage for the added garage. You pumped it, now protect it. The primary year’s milk garage organizer is dishwasher secure & works with the most brands of milk garage bags. Maximize area with the aid of freezing milk flat!

The First Years Breastflow Milk Storage Organizer
The First Years Breastflow Milk Storage Organizer

The product assist hold your breast-milk organized with first years breast-flow milk storage organizer! this milk garage organizer has the spring loaded drawer that easily freezes milk-flat & pushes it up the front for smooth gets entry to. clearly load the rack from the returned for ‘first-in, first out’ garage. snap the duvet directly to maintain breast milk that isolated from the other gadgets inside freezer/you can easily use this to keep baggage for the added garage. breast-milk is a liquid-gold so that now that you’ve pumped it, shield it!

The maximizes area in the freezer by way of freezing milk flat. you can hold your breast milk smartly in order by way of date pumped. it can be easily used with maximum brands of milk garage bags. it absolutely consists of the cowl to preserve breast milk blanketed and holds up to twenty milk storage bags. it is dishwasher secure as properly.


6. 110 Count Breast-milk Storage-Bags

110 Count Breastmilk Storage Bags 8 Oz 250 ml Breastfeeding Freezer Storage Container Bags
110 Count Breastmilk Storage Bags 8 Oz 250 ml Breastfeeding Freezer Storage Container Bags

I was surely excited to get these bags inside the mail. I’m on my 2d child and try to shop as lots of breast milk as I’m able to. In the end, discover a garbage bag that is going to 8oz that’s the scale of a complete size dr. browns bottle become great. Most all other luggage best go to 7oz for the newer infant’s r us luggage or 6oz for the nuk and medial baggage. so the 8oz measurements alone made this a superb bag for me.

Additionally for the retail fee of $19.99 you get a hundred and ten luggages that hold extra breast milk and for different brands you get smaller quantities for a higher charge and the baggage keep less; so that you get a much better fee out of these. after having tried all of the other manufacturers available I’m sold on these shifting forward.


5. 100 Breast-milk Storage-Bag

Plenty of room to write all of your information on and it holds an amazing 7 oz. without being too cumbersome. They are pretty durable and lay flat nicely. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is due to the fact 1) the top would not tear lightly and occasionally tears too near the zipper component, and 2) they may be ridiculously difficult to open. I certainly threw one bag away because I just could not get it opened! No longer sure if it’s just my order, I’m a weakling, or something is without a doubt incorrect with them.

00 Breastmilk Storage Bags - 6oz / 180ml Pre-Sterilized
00 Breastmilk Storage Bags – 6oz / 180ml Pre-Sterilized

After having those for some weeks, I’ve determined those are via some distance the best. as opposed to tearing on the top, I used scissors right at the very pinnacle, giving me the most amount of tab to pull aside. And voila, it became so clean to open the luggage! As for writing on them, I take advantage of a non-poisonous permanent marker. I really like that that luggage has plenty of space to write down all of the data you need. Also, it is very clean to cast off air out of them. The business enterprise has very splendid customer service and addressed my worries from my earlier assessment. I will get that luggage any longer through them. I incredibly propose this luggage!


4. NUK-Seal NGO Breast-Milk Bags, one hundred Count

NUK Seal N Go Breast Milk Bags, 50 count
NUK Seal N Go Breast Milk Bags, 50 count

I have been pumping for six months now, and in that time, I’ve treated four manufacturers of breast -milk storage bags. There is one complaint I have approximately all breast milk bags. The ounce strains are in no way accurate (a few greater than others, but never right).

I continually study how a good deal I pumped with the bottle and write the overall by myself with name and date. this lets me realize how lots is in it after I have frozen it flat and by no means fear approximately how inaccurate the strains are.


3. Medela Pump & Save Breast-Milk Bags, fifty Count

Medela Pump and Save Breast Milk Bags, 50 Count
Medela Pump and Save Breast Milk Bags, 50 Count

I’ve tried the entirety to hold them from leaking. I really like the benefit of pumping into a bag, particularly while at paintings. In any other case, I am washing numerous bottles an afternoon. But, given that these baggage leaks, and are tough to open and use. so why four stars? I came up with a manner to use the lansinoh luggage that has a whole lot higher opinions.

You clearly reduce a small slit above the zipper within the lansinoh luggage and use the adapter to pump into the lansinoh baggage. I furnished patron photos of the way I use the two collectively.


2. Dr.DUDU Breast-Milk Storage-Bags

Dr.DUDU Breast Milk Storage Bags
Dr.DUDU Breast Milk Storage Bags

The plastic on them is extremely good, it’s nice and thick. The design of the baggage isn’t always completely discreet, however, I’m my case it truly is no longer truly a huge deal. It would count number to someone else, however. they may be additionally a high-quality fee for what number of you get- my handiest hassle, however, is that they’re marketed as being 6 ounces bags- there are not any oz markers on this luggage- it’s all ml. that is inconvenient and sim-advertised, however, I will survive. Overall, these bags virtually are a superb first-rate and type of lovely however simply no longer marked in oz!


1. Bonafide Baby Breast-milk Storage-Bags – one hundred Count With a NonToxic Marker

I had by no means heard of the bonafide child earlier than receiving that baggage. I examined out the sturdiness and leak-evidence declare as shown inside the video I attached. I used blue dyed water to check the bag because honestly, I failed to understand how properly these bags could maintain up and I did not want to danger dropping any valuable liquid gold in case that baggage did now not maintain up.

Bonafide Baby Breastmilk Storage Bags
Bonafide Baby Breastmilk Storage Bags

Permit me to begin with the packaging first, although. in the field comes the baggage which might be cut up into re-sealable zipper garage luggage that is fantastic because I usually take the baggage out of the container and put them into Ziploc bags myself. So, the truth that those already are available their very own flawlessly sized re-saleable zipper storage baggage saves me my own bags!


How to choose the best one

If you have zero level experience in buying breast-milk storage-bags ever then you should compare products with your needs and decide it that, which one should good to you. Amazon reviews could be considered while buying best breastmilk storage bags.

The most important thing is, most of the people consider price while buying a product but the truth is, sometimes the products with less price also good.


Your boob juice is high-quality crucial for your baby. All and sundry who tells you that there may be no factor crying over spilled milk has never spilled their personal.

After a full of life pumping consultation, it can be devastating to see any of your booby juice spills out over the ground. It is doubly frustrating if the culprit was a leaky field a great breast milk storage box is simply the factor to avoid such disasters and will make your existence a whole lot less complicated.

Once you try milk garage bags, there is truly no going back. now the idea of placing a liquid inside a plastic bag takes a few being used. after you attempt milk storage baggage, there’s virtually no going again.

Now the concept of putting a liquid inner a plastic bag takes a few getting used. You’ll always be questioning:

As your official paranoid figure, this changed my thought system too. I even went thus far as to wrap every garage bag in another bag just in case it might leak. But after a couple of uses, I was capable of weaning myself off the double bagging dependency. Noticeably, an excellent milk bag can take one heck of a beating earlier than it leaks; and I’m one involved passed momma.

In case you are in any respect familiar with reusable toddler meals pouch then filling up a breast milk bag will come indeed to you. For the ones of you who are familiar with the product, it could take some attempts, but you’ll be filling the luggage like a seasoned in no time. Just don’t overfill them and you may be okay (learned this hard manner – leaks galore).

The handiest drawback of breast milk garage bags is that they may be now not reusable (because they are pre-sterilized). Thankfully they’re pretty reasonably-priced to shop for in bulk and the fact that they’re disposable manner much less cleansing, that’s simplest a good issue.

Always be practical – breastmilk bags aren’t the maximum complex child product you will encounter. In fact, many manufacturers look exceptionally similar to each other. However, there are a few important however diffused variations between the materials used and their design. Those small differences can have an enormous impact on reliability and performance.

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