The 4 Best RC cars for Grass (move on grass, sand, small rocks, rugged roads) – Reviews 2019

Remote controls are unique toys that provide entertainment for children and adults alike. There is always a remote car that is a perfect fit for kids who are new to driving these cars for play. There are also remote cars for the hobbyist who upgrade, race and repair their cars. What then are the best RC cars for grass.

RCs or remote controls are gas-powered or battery-operated cars or trucks controlled by a remote or transmitter from a distance. The key to choosing the right RC car is to know what you like to do with the vehicle.

Do you like a remote car with speed or one for off-road driving? Are you looking for remote control for your child? Are you a hobbyist who enjoys raising remote controls? There is a remote control designed for every need and level of expertise.

If you want to run your RC car in grass, here are some of the best RC cars for grass (move on grass, sand, small rocks, rugged roads).

Tobeape Offroad Remote Control Car

The Tobeape Offroad Remote Control Car is equipped with powerful dual motors. It comes with a solid power torque making it easy to control for difficult maneuvers. It comes with a durable body structure that can withstand severe impacts. It also comes with tires that are skid resistant.

This 4WD offroad remote control truck is installed with shock-proof and flexible suspension springs for the protection of the body and electronic parts and to allow the car to run in in uneven and tough terrains.

A user says this RC is so cool. It is 100% better than what he actually expected for its price. The greatest thing about this RC is it goes over anything: over rocks, through tall grass and even ditches.

The adjustable system of this Tobeape Offroad Remote Control Car allows for convenient and easy maneuvering. This remote control car set comes with 2 rechargeable batteries.

Lazaga All Terrain Remote Control Car

The Lazaga All Terrain Remote Control Car is a fast and versatile car that comes with a heavy-duty motor that provides enough power to run the car at full speed without overheating… It is an all-terrain RC that is perfect for indoor and outdoor fun. It is a durable model that comes with a solid built and all safety aspects.

This 2WD remote control truck can easily maneuver grass, mud and even your carpet. It is equipped with a splash-proof ABS body, a well-constructed chassis making this remote control an ideal companion for the long term.

A user says he bought it for his 6-year-old but he likes it too. He says it is of high quality and the assembly is easy.

This Lazaga All Terrain Remote Control Car comes with a 2.4Ghz transmitting system including a 4 channel steering system which has a 100-meter controlling distance capacity. It can easily run forward, backward, climb and make a U-turn.



The DOUBLE E RC Cars is a rock crawler with unique graffiti-like design kids enjoy.  This 4W drive is equipped with powerful twin motors allowing it to easily maneuver rugged road.  It comes with a water-proofed full body made from non-toxic and eco-friendly and child-friendly Premium ABS Plastic.

This RC is equipped with a powerful 4.8V 800 mAh battery pack (rechargeable). It also comes with stable and shockproof suspensions for a steady and stable drive. This RC car is made from eco-friendly, non-toxic and child-friendly premium ABS plastic.

A user says her son absolutely loves this remote control. It is faster than the usual RC cars you can buy in big box stores. It runs on almost anything they have thrown at it in their obstacle course.

The DOUBLE E RC Cars are best enjoyed when ran in full speed. While at play, a child can learn a lot about electronics and technology with this remote control.

Jasonwell Off Road Rock Vehicle Remote Control Crawler

The Jasonwell Off Road Rock Vehicle Remote Control Crawler comes with big wheels and can shift from On to Offroad. It is a 4WD that can maneuver all types of terrain.

This Jasonwell Off Road Rock Vehicle Remote Control Crawler is equipped with a 4.8V 600MAH rechargeable battery.

A user says really goes very fast. It also has long battery life. The control is easy to handle and you can make the RC car not just front, back, left and right but also in multiple directions.

This Jasonwell Off Road Rock Vehicle Remote Control Crawler is well-loved by many kids.

How to Shop for a Remote Control Car

When buying remote control cars for small kids you need to look for:

  • Safety
  • Ease of use
  • Durability
  • Waterproof chassis

Your main objective is to find a remote control car that comes with a platform friendly for remote control car beginners so they can perfect their abilities in maneuvering remote control cars.

If you are a remote control car hobbyist and enthusiast, you need to look for RCs with:

  • High top speeds
  • Advanced performance features.

Never look for these features when buying RC cars for small kids because they will have difficulties in maneuvering them.

After deciding on the grade of the vehicle you will want to look at some other features. You will need to choose between an on-road or off-road type of RC car.

On-road RCs is easy to maneuver on smooth surfaces. It is able to slide around corners and drift in style without much effort.

Off-road RCs, on the other hand, can be driven on concrete and on rough, uneven surfaces. They have the versatility to do stunts and jumps but you will not have the handling performance of a road-specific RC car.

The best RC cars should include these two most important features:

  • Remote control ergonomics. Some remote controls that go with RC cars come with basic and limited controls. 2.4GHz pistol-grip remote controls have précised controls, as well as a much, improve ergonomically. You may also want to consider the number of channels of the remote control especially if you intend to drive alongside other users. Interferences occur when two cars are running on the same channel.
  • Rechargeable batteries. Batteries are the heart off remote control cars. Take special notice of charge times and run times. Multiple batteries can increase run times.

Of the 4 remote control cars mentioned above the DOUBLE E RC Car is the best RC car for grass (move on grass, sand, small rocks, rugged roads). This 4-wheel drive remote control car comes with twin motors for easy maneuvering on the grass and in the rugged road. Many users say this is faster and more powerful than most RC cars found in big stores.

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