The 5 Best Pack and Play for Expectant Mother – Reviews 2019

A parent wants nothing more than the best for his/her kid. This is particularly true when it comes to providing your baby with a place to play and lay its head. In short, if you are pregnant, then a pack and play is definitely one of the must-buys that should feature in your toddler gear list since this little contraption is going to be quite useful in taking care of your little bundle of joy.

But with so many pack and play models available in the market, how do you ensure that you only choose the best? Well, this might be a challenge, but we are here to help you choose the best pack and play for expectant mother.

What is a Pack and Play?

What is a Pack and Play
What is a Pack and Play

A pack and play or play yard is made to provide your baby with a lightweight and secure space that is ideal for napping and playing in. Depending on how you decide to use your device, there are a few options that might be helpful. Most parents choose to buy two units, one to use as a care station while in the house and a second one for use while on the go – a light-weight version.

These play yards are usually found in different colors, sizes, as well as designs. So, if you wish to keep yours in-door, then select a product that matches your home decor.

What are the different types of Pack and Play?

Generally, play yards are come in 2 different types: Basic and Deluxe. The first version is very lightweight and it doesn’t include additional features such as the mobile station and changing. The second version often comes with a bassinet altering station, and even plaything pubs, canopies, and music.

Basic pack and plays

The benefit of owning this play yard is that it is portable and it fits all kind of doors. This way it’s possible to move it from one place to another or even just stick it in your car easily.

Deluxe pack and plays

Although expensive, a Delux Playard is a high-end product with additional features that include an organizer to carry diapers, a removable changing desk, and a bassinet.

The Best Pack and Play for Expectant Mother
The Best Pack and Play for Expectant Mother

What are the benefits of a Pack and Play?

The following are some of the major benefits of having a pack and play:


This is probably the main benefit that might be reaped from the use of play yards. It is also a major difference between a tradition crib and a modern pack and play. These products are usually lightweight and easy to fold – they are easy to transport.

Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard My Mom's Best
Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

Safe play area

Kids are often playful, and thus, it is vital for parents to present them with a place where they might play safely. In this situation, play yards provide the ideal solution as they keep your kid secured in an enclosed area.

Promotes comfort

This benefit depends on the type of pack and play that you choose. With the perfect choice, you will be confident that your baby will not be irritable, and thus eliminate one headache on your part.

Encourage development and learning

Playards are not only designed to provide kids with a place where they can play but also offer them with the chance to learn and develop the necessary skills at a tender age.


These devices are not just made for playing, development, or learning, but also areas where kids might sleep, making it the best alternative for cribs.

What are the factors to consider when choosing the best Pack and Play?

As you saw from our introduction to the Best Pack and Play Reviews, choosing the best play yard is not an easy task. Don’t be fooled by the untruthful advertising and false promises of some brands. Therefore, we recommend that you consider some or all of these features when making your decision.


As we said, portability is a huge benefit that is experienced by the users of these devices. Therefore, it makes no sense to buy a pack and play that you cannot transport from one location to the other with ease. Take a good look at the weight and ensure that your device is easily portable, regardless of where you travel.

As a way of making your device portable, it would be helpful if you choose a pack and play that has wheels. Don’t forget to go for high-quality wheels.


In addition to the portability of your device, you should go for one that is easy to fold. This will make it easier to carry your play yard and also make it simple to store it when your kid is not using it.

Graco Pack N Play Playard Bassinet with Automatic Folding Feet, Pasadena
Graco Pack N Play Playard Bassinet with Automatic Folding Feet, Pasadena


A pack and play is one of the most important investments in a nursery. Therefore, when evaluating your alternatives for the best pack and play, think about how durable it is. Look at the material that has been used as this will give you an idea of how durable the device will be.


The distributors or manufacturers will provide a comprehensive warranty if they are confident about the excellence of the device they are providing. In most situations, they will provide a minimum of twelve months warranty. The longer the warranty, the better the product or the more confidence is the manufacturer.

Other features to consider

It will also be great if your pack and play has a changing station or bassinet, mobiles, and toys. This will make it a multifunctional product in your nursery. However, keep in mind that the extra features will make it more expensive.

How to make your pack and play safe?

Never leave your kid unattended

Pack and plays might be used like sleep cribs, bassinets, or play yards. However, when using these devices, ensure that your child is attended and is always in view. Furthermore, when using them as sleeping cribs or bassinets, ensure that you supply the supervision with the necessity for total security of your baby.

Keep your device away from hazards

Ensure that your play yard is free of any hazard that may hurt your baby. In general, you shouldn’t put your play yard near heaters, cables, radiators, doors, and windows.

Look at the material used

Ensure that your pack and play is made of high-quality as well as sturdy material as it provides a safe place within your nursery.

Ensure your product is approved

These devices are often approved by the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association. This means that the products need to go through testing, and thus, safety is guaranteed.

Keep it organized and clean

Remember to keep out the material or toys that might be choking hazards. In addition, beddings as well as other stuff that might pose risks ought to be removed.

The Top Five Reviews

1. Kidzone Baby Playpen Kids 8 Panel Safety Play Center Yard home Indoor Outdoor Pen from Kidzone

1. Kidzone Baby Playpen Kids 8 Panel Safety Play Center Yard home Indoor Outdoor Pen from Kidzone

This 8-panel kid’s playpen from Kidzone features ball, telephone, swinging hinged door (for safety lock), and spinners. The size of the device is adjustable – might be increased by adding panels or decreased by removing panels. It offers an engaging as well as a safe area for your baby to play in and also creates interest while encouraging mobility for a kid.

Kidzone Baby Playpen Kids 8 Panel Safety Play Center Yard home
Kidzone Baby Playpen Kids 8 Panel Safety Play Center Yard home

Baby Playpen Kids 8 Panel’s colorful colors attract your baby while the telephone and spinners capture its attention. It also comes with a fun hinged door that is well-fastened to provide your baby with a good system for practicing its motor skills. Its largest diameter is 63” and as you have seen, it can be adjusted to suit different needs.

This pack and play also feature rubber suction cups that secure its playpen to the ground – on flat and hard surfaces. Its lightweight feature makes it easy to store out if view and even move it from one area to the other. The panel creates an encouraging and interesting space for your baby.

Baby Playpen Kid’s 8 Panel is a great play yard. I bought this pen a couple of weeks ago and my 8-months old baby boy loves having his alone time in it away from our crazy puppy. Even my 7-years old son and 8-years old daughter love to spend quality time with the baby in there. The most fun moment was when we set the device up, my 7-year old son collected all the baby stuff he saw in the house, and arranged them neatly in the playpen, and he even took a nap (or did he pretend?) with the toddler in it. I have been satisfied by this device and think is a great play yard for kids.


• Easily adjustable
• Lightweight design
• Flexible shape
• Perfect for toddlers and children
• Include safety lock gate that is secure
• Very easy to assemble
• It is very colorful
• Includes 8 panels
• Strong and sturdy


• The door squeaks
• Doesn’t move or slide on carpet


2. Graco Pack and Play Playard Bassinet with Automatic Folding Feet from Graco

2. Graco Pack and Play Playard Bassinet with Automatic Folding Feet from Graco
Graco Pack 'n Play Playard Bassinet Changer with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat
Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Bassinet Changer with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat

Pack and Play Bassinet from Graco is designed to aid keep your baby relaxed and comfortable, both at home and away. It includes a full-sized as well as removable bassinet so, that your kid may always have a good place to relax. This means that no matter where you travel – to grandpas, a vacation or simply to your living room – your baby will always feel comfy and cozy.

The device comes fitted with a toy bar which has soft toys to help amuse and entertain your little one. The product also comes with visual stimulation that babies love, and moms will surely love to watch them too. The play yard is designed to make it easier to store and pack up. It also features automatic folding wheels and feet, which make it truly small.

The Graco Pack and Play is made to withstand all travel plans you might have. It boosts of a durable frame that allows the user to pack it in the closet or into a car for a trip with ease. Parents all over the world love the ultra-easy fold design, a signature of Graco Company. This classic feature means that you can set and break down your kid play yard easily, quickly, and with little hassle. The device comes with a fitting carrying bag, which fits neatly around the travel yard when it is folded. You should always carry it easily wherever you want, for simple travel and storage.

This is one of the best pack and plays devices on the market today. I bought this as a baby shower present for my friend as she plans to be always on the go when she gets the baby, and I wanted a product that might be easy to move around. I have a bad experience with other versions of pack and plays, and was nervous about its bassinet feature but Ooh! It is so great.


• Full-size, removable bassinet – perfect for napping
• Folding wheels and feet – for a more compact fold
• Durable frame
• Comes with a convenient carrying bag
• Includes a toy bar


• It might take long to set up


3. Summer Infant Pop and Play Portable Playard from Summer Infant

3. Summer Infant Pop and Play Portable Playard from Summer Infant

The Pop and Play Portable from Summer Infant allows the user to easily form a safe play area for their kids. It is an ultra-lightweight as well as compact fold device that is easy to set up and take down – this makes it ideal for use a day at the park, a week at the beach, or at home. You only need pop open the yard and secure the surface buckles for total setup. When the playtime is over, simply unclip the surface buckles and push inwards, easily folding the device for storage.

Summer Infant Pop N' Play Portable Playard
Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable Playard

The play yard also boasts of a water-resistant surface that helps to keep your kid’s playing surface dry even on wet grass. Its airy mesh sides offer added visibility. It also comes with a carrying bag for on-the-go convenience.

The pack and play also has a pop and play canopy which is sold separately. The feature helps to protect your baby from the harmful UVB and UVA sun’s rays. The protective feature attaches easily to the Pop and Play Portable device as needed. It also folds completely to neatly fit inside a storage bag.

This play yard is among the best pack and plays in the market today. My sister purchased this product for her 8-month old baby who is beginning to crawl and explore everything. She was looking for something spacious for the baby to move around but still small to fit in their small house. This play yard is ideal for this purpose. My sister really loves that it is easy to set up and knock down in case she wants to take to our mother’s house. It is even spacious enough for her to sit with the baby. The device is also very affordable as you don’t need to break your bank to get one for your little one.


• Easy to set up as well as knock down
• Water resistance floor for us even in wet surfaces
• Compact fold
• Versatile
• Very light frames
• Plenty of space – even an older child can fit in


• Its bars can easily result in an injury, especially for the unsteady baby


4. North States Superyard Ultimate Play Yard from North States Industries

4. North States Superyard Ultimate Play Yard from North States Industries

The North States Superyard is a perfect solution for forming a safe playground for your baby, both outdoors or indoors. It boasts of a quick access door that unlocks easily, even with one hand. The device encloses up to 18.50 square feet and is 26” high. If you want to increase the size of the playing surface, you can include the Two-Panel Extension –sold separately.

North States Superyard Ultimate Play Yard, Ivory from North States
North States Superyard Ultimate Play Yard, Ivory from North States

It is very easy to set up the Superyard as its 6 interlocking panels come connected – you only need to pull them out of the box, unfold them, and then connect them together. The device also boasts of a convenient carrying handle that makes it a super-light yard to carry everywhere. When you are using it indoors, the gadget is quite stable due to its skid-resistant pads that ensure that it doesn’t slip or scratch your floor.

The Superyard creates a perfect play area for a baby almost anywhere. Its weather-resistance feature also makes it easy to clean with water and soap. The product comes with twelve skid-resistance pads, ultimate play yard, instruction manual, and one carrying strap.

This is an excellent play yard. My wife originally purchased just the six panels. This wasn’t enough room for our baby and thus purchased the other two panels to expand the space. We had a little problem when figuring out how the gate works – luckily we succeeded. We often manipulate the angles of this device to form different shapes that fit in different rooms. The device has also proven to be stable in different arrangements. This was definitely worth our investment. I love it.


• Huge door for petite people to be able to get through
• No cross-bars – baby cannot climb
• Its height is perfect
• It is very stable
• A light-weight product
• It is expandable – add the 2 panels
• Baby like to lick it – taste good


• No electricity voltage or barbed-wire option
• Although stable, the panel should be firmer
• The door makes noise when closing and opening
• Require a lot of energy to close and open


5. Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

5. Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

The Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard is not just a crib but an everywhere crib. It is very light and takes about 20 seconds to set it up. You can use it anytime, anywhere – at home, at a playgroup, at pals’ home for dinner, across town, and at the airport. It is light enough to allow you to move it around. This device is also beautiful, has clean lines, well-designed logos, and graphics, modern colors, and soft textured fabrics.

Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard
Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

Since it is easy to take this device with you and very fast to setup, you will go more places and even see more family and friends while your baby continues to enjoy its favorite resting place. It is not just for an overnight trip, but also for anytime use. And because it is easy to fold, you will easily place it in your bag – keeping your hand free.

Nothing makes a mother happier than seeing her baby having fun in a pack and play. This product gives babies their freedom to think that they are in their own world and not a prison. The side door can be zipped and even secured easily making the device a more secure space where kids will love to sleep, laugh, and play. You will not be blamed if you decide to climb with a kid to this pack and play.

This device is suitable for people who are searching for travel cribs – from birth to kids who no longer need an easy and compact pack and play. It also comes with a fitted sheet, mattress, travel crib, instruction manual, and backpack.


• The product is lightweight
• It converts to a backpack
• It is easy to setup
• It is used as a play area
• Boost of unobstructed view of kid


• It has a thin mattress
• It has a lot of Velcro tabs


Don’t waste your time going through other pack and plays product, limit your choices to the above products. We have already looked at their features, pros, as well as cons. You will not get a better product than the ones above. However, without a doubt, Kidzone Baby Playpen Kids 8 Panel Safety Play Center Yard home Indoor Outdoor Pen from Kidzone is the best playpen in our review. It prides itself on having almost all the qualities of other play yard products such as an easy to adjust formula, a lightweight design, a flexible shape, among others. It is also very easy to assemble and disassemble, especially when compared to the other products that we have looked at in the Best Pack and Play reviews. The device is also very portable, easy to fold, and it encourages children development and learning.


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